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by Marshall Fritz

Originally published in The Education Liberator, Vol. 2, No. 6, July 1996

The debate over tax-funded school vouchers historically has been framed with two sides: Dr. Milton Friedman and fellow freedom lovers up against a huge education lobby of teacher unions and school administrators.


Neither side of this traditional debate welcomes the FLAV crowd into the arena (Freedom Lovers Against Vouchers). We make both sides uncomfortable with our message that if Dr. Friedman’s voucher wins, the education lobby will extend its controls to the formerly independent schools.


One California think tank evaded the discomfort during the 1993 contest on Proposition 174 by ignoring FLAVs when selecting a dozen authors for a book putatively covering the spectrum of opinion. The same held true for the debates; the FLAV side was usually treated by both sides as if it didn’t exist.


For decades, the primary attack of the FLAV folks has been the expected loss of school autonomy when government funds start flowing to “private” schools. For the last two years, however, the “expansion of dependency” argument has been gathering steam. I remember asking one VMD (Very Major Donor) to a freedom foundation how I could distinguish, in principle, between him and a liberal. This was at the height of the socialized medicine debate, which he vigorously opposed, yet he saw schooling and school stamps as appropriate uses of government. (He didn’t quite answer my question. He was too polite to hang up on me, but we haven’t spoken since.)


Now it’s time for the FLAV crowd to speak out. Part of this is to see just how strong we already are, and that’s why I put together this list. I know quite a few more who are just as against the voucher as those listed below, but it is not CC (Conservatively Correct) to go public just yet.


John Baden

Foundation for Research in Economics and the Environment


Prof Calvin Beisner



Samuel Blumenfeld



Burt Blumert

Center for Libertarian Studies


Pat Buchanan

The American Cause


Rev David Chilton

Author [RIP]


Paul Cleveland

Birmingham Southern College


Steve Dasbach

National Chair, Libertarian Party


Jack Dean

Dean Spear & Associates


Douglas Dewey

National Scholarship Center


Cathy Duffy

Grove Publishing


Brandon Dutcher

Oklahoma Center for Policy Analysis


Joe Fuhrig

Golden Gate University [RIP]


Ben Gilmore

Principled Approach


Roy Hanson [Jr.]

Family Protection Ministries


David Henderson

Naval Postgraduate School


Jacob Hornberger

Future of Freedom Foundation


Jeff Hummel

Golden Gate University


Philip Kell

Southern Baptist Foundation


H F Langenberg

Smith Moore & Co Inc [RIP]


Dwight Lee

University of Georgia


Bob Marlowe

Council for Educational Freedom


Rick Maybury



Robert McGee

Dumont Foundation


John McManus

New American Magazine


Dr Gary North

Firestorm Chats; Remnant Review


Jackie Orsi

National Center for Independent Education


Rev James Patrick

East Moline Christian School


George Pieler

Nat’l Scholarship Foundation


Carole Ann Rand

Advocates for Self-Government


Prof Charles Rice

Notre Dame Law School


Sheldon Richman



John Robbins

College of the Southwest


George Roche

Hillsdale College


Lew Rockwell [Jr.]

Ludwig Von Mises Institute


Rev R J Rushdoony

Chalcedon [RIP]


Hans Sennholz

Foundation for Economic Education


RC Sproul Jr

Ligonier Ministries


Robert Thoburn

Fairfax Christian School


Robert Thompson

Lane/Patterson Center for Ethical Public Policy


Dr Ron Trowbridge

Hillsdale College


Jeff Tucker

Mises Institute


Perry Willis

Exec. Director, Libertarian Party