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Parents Are Discovering What’s Being Taught in Public Schools

Newsweek ran an article by Abigail Shrier on October 16, 2020 titled, “The Gathering Parent Horror at Public School.” Shrier witnessed her own seven-year-old daughter’s experience of emotional manipulation by a classroom teacher via Zoom. Starting from the premise that all of the children must be scared of COVID-19, the teacher convinced the children they needed to go find something to cuddle to make them feel better. If the children weren’t scared of COVID-19 before, they sure knew they should be by the end of that class.

This isn’t an isolated incident. Shrier tells about a new website created by investigative journalist Luke Rosiak, What Are They Learning? Rosiak describes it as “a parent-powered, K-12 transparency community to blow the whistle on what’s happening in schools.”

Horror stories about government schools are not new, but they seem to be multiplying exponentially. My challenge to parents is, “Why do you continue to keep your child in a public school when you KNOW that they are being manipulated into becoming political activists for far-left causes?”

Maybe more parents are ready to start thinking about the need for the separation of SCHOOL and state. This five-minute video, “5 Biggest Myths about Public School” might help.

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