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Influential people say take your children out of government schools

Dennis Prager has been telling parents to get their children out of government schools–elementary through college, saying it frequently in recent months on his nationally syndicated radio show. In a recent video interview with Carrie Sheffield of Just the News, he said,  “There’s a 50/50 chance that if you send your kid to elementary school, high school and college, they will come out holding you in contempt. If you’re prepared to lose your child, keep your kid in school.”

Tony Perkins, president of the Family Research Council, addresses the issue from a number of angles in his article, “We Have to Stop Pretending Public Schools Aren’t Bad.” President Biden’s promises to advance the radical left’s agenda in the schools were fulfilled on his first day in office with the signing of an executive order in regard to gender issues. Perkins describes it as “flinging open the door to gender-free bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, changing rooms, sports teams, and overnights.”

But it’s not only gender issues. Speaking to his largely Christian audience, Perkins says, “This administration is going to do what Leftists do, which is use every single pressure point they can possibly find to advance their war on family, sex, and children to win more power.” Whether parents are on the left or the right, they shouldn’t want their children to be fodder for this war.

He also points to the decline in academic standards, and the reality that it isn’t that difficult for parents to educate their children better on their own than when they rely on government schools. Calling on church communities, he urges them to step in to help support families with educational assistance, especially in the form of co-ops and private schools that do not accept government money.

He concludes by stressing the urgency: “As Christians, we can’t outsource something as important as our children’s education. The race against Biden’s agenda has started. It’s time to take control now — before it’s too late.”

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