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Homeschooling Becomes an Increasingly Favored Option

Despite misgivings people have held about homeschooling over the years, the number of people who view it as a favorable option is higher than the number of those who few it unfavorably according to ongoing polling conducted by Morning Consult for Edchoice.

They have been polling monthly since May of 2020. The percentages have varied, showing a spike in favorability during the summer months when few families were actually doing homeschooling. Some of the positive enthusiasm was tempered when families got into the actual experience. Still, in the January 2021 poll, 58 percent of respondents reported either “much more favorable” or “somewhat more favorable” opinions about homeschooling as a result of their experiences during the period of the coronavirus.

That same survey asked regarding academic learning: “How do you feel your child/children is/are progressing… this school year?” The responses were startling: “An answer of ‘very well’ was given in the context of “academic learning” by 51 percent of homeschoolers, 39 percent of private schoolers, and 20 percent of public school district schoolers.”

Clearly, when parents see that their children are learning more effectively, the option of homeschooling rises in their estimation.

The recent refusals of public school teachers to return to their classrooms in San Francisco, Chicago, and elsewhere while many private schools teachers have been back in the classroom for weeks might have had some negative impact on parents’ perceptions of public schools.

Couple that with the progressive sexual agenda and revisionist history being pushed in public schools, and the need to do something other than send a child to a public school has become more compelling than ever.

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