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Resources for Parents Teaching Their Own Children

Many of those who check out this website advocating for the separation of SCHOOL and STATE are interested in homeschooling or other ways of providing a good education for their children. My primary work is publishing reviews of educational resources suitable for homeschooling on my website

I was alerted to the importance of giving parents more information about resources for helping their children to learn by Sofia, who sent me a link to where it lists some useful supplemental resources. (I’m familiar with only a few of these, so I can’t vouch for all of them. Still, they look like an interesting assortment of useful, educational websites for children.)

If you’re looking for more substantial educational resources, there are more than 1,000 reviews on my website. I’ve also just published 103 Top Picks for Homeschool Curriculum (only available as a PDF) which helps parents figure out how to choose the right curriculum for each child and highlights many of the best products on the market.

Homeschooling allows parents to regain control over their children’s education, and there are resources available now that make it easier than ever.

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