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We’ve Been Schooled video

Keppler Education and Roman Roads Press have produced an excellent short video on the history, purposes, and results of American education. Their intended audience is Christian parents, but the video should speak to all who care about educational freedom.

Educational FreedomgeneralSeparation of School and State

Separation of Church and State and the School Connection

Micahel Anthony Peroutka presents a video lecture titled “Separation of Church & State: The Truth and the Lie” (actual lecture starts at 14:26) that explores the origins of that doctrine and its present-day application. Peroutka points out that most of… Continue Reading…

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Influential people say take your children out of government schools

Dennis Prager has been telling parents to get their children out of government schools–elementary through college, saying it frequently in recent months on his nationally syndicated radio show. In a recent video interview with Carrie Sheffield of Just the News,… Continue Reading…


Dr. Brian Ray – “Homeschooling: What in the World is Going On?”

Dr. Brian Ray eloquently explains why Christians should not put their children in government schools or in programs under the control of the government. This is a hard-hitting presentation aimed at Bible-believing Christians.(Presented at Calvary Chapel, Chino Hills, CA, August… Continue Reading…